A Late Evening Stroll at Keage Incline, Nanzenji Temple and Dinner @ Kyoto Ramen Koji

From Uji, we return to Kyoto Station. On the way back, we wished to visit Kyoto Imperial Palace which is said that the sakura trees there have already in full bloom. However we cancelled our plan as the palace is already closed for the day. Since we still have some reserve energy, we change our plan to visit Keage Incline and Nanzenji Temple which were actually part our chasing sakura itinerary.

Keage Incline

Direction: From Kyoto Station, take Kyoto City Subway Karasuma Line to Karasumaoike Station. Transfer to Kyoto City Subway Tozai Line for Keage Station. Train fare: ¥260/ RM10.40).

Keage Incline is above this tunnel


Time travel tunnel…….
Empty railway track

Keage Incline is famous during cherry blossom time. The sakura trees are line up along the old railway track and when they are in full bloom, the scenery is a WOW!. This place is usually crowded but as you can see it is empty when we reached.


Toward the end of the railway track, there is a fountain. After the fountain, go up to the road level. On your right, continue straight and just turn right at the intersection for Nanzenji Temple.

Water fountain
Entrance to Nanzenji Temple



The famous aqueduct at Nanzenji Temple compound

Our brief visit to Nanzenji Temple stopped here. The low temperature is ‘killing’ during dusk. We hailed a taxi back to Kyoto Station because we were extremely tired from walking. We choose comfort over money. The taxi fare is so far the most expensive expenses we had spent. The journey is quite far as we pass by Gion area before we reach Kyoto Station. So it really cost us some $$$$$… oops! is ¥¥¥¥¥….. hahaha!

Some sakura-theme LED light performance  is going on at the Great Staircase (Daikaidan)

Kyoto Ramen Koji

Direction: 10th Floor of Kyoto Station.

Opening time: 11.00 am to 10.00 pm

Website: http://www.kyoto-ramen-koji.com/english/

Kyoto Ramen Koji is a place where you can taste different regional of ramen in Japan. It used to be a budget eating place for traveler but in my opinion it is not as cheap as we thought. Do expect crowd in this place. The rule of dining here is to purchase ticket at the vending machine and then pass to the shop assistant. Then as usual, line up for your turn. There are at least 8 ramen shops to be chose but we decided to dine at the less crowded shop. (Actually the queue in every shops are the same since it is dinner time).


We happened to choose the ramen from Niigata region. It’s soup base is made of thick miso. The soup base is too salty for my liking and the meat is too hard to chew. Overall the hot ramen is still a satisfying meal for a cold night.

Miso ramen (¥920/ RM36.80)

NEXT POST: Last day in Kyoto, a leisure day in Arashiyama


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