First Day: Arrival in Japan

After a roller-coaster journey from Penang, we finally reach Osaka late at night. We follow our Airbnb host advise to take the last airport limousine bus to Kyoto. The airport limousine bus ticket can be bought through the ticket machine located outside the arrival hall, Terminal 1.

The purchase of the ticket is very easy. Just select the language English, follow by your destination and insert your money. After that form a line at the bus stop with signage number 8 for bus to Kyoto. (Bus timetable) (Location of bus stop at Kansai Airport)

Ticketing machine & Bus ticket (2,550 yen/ RM102)
Bus stop number 8: To Kyoto

It is very cold at that time as it’s already pass 11.30 pm. We have to wait for our bus to arrive which will depart later at 11.55 pm. The bus taker is a very strict uncle but at the same time he is kind. He make us line up tidily even though there are only a few people. I heard he told a few passengers in front of us that one person is only allow to store 2 luggage into the bus compartment. We have no issue with our luggage since our luggage are still ‘missing’ somewhere else. The bus is very punctual and depart exactly the time stated in the timetable. Inside the bus, there will be announcement for every station in difference languages (Japanese, English, Chinese and Korean) and also on the TV screen. So just sit back and relax as you won’t miss your stop.

I felt asleep along the way to Kyoto. After 1 hour and 30 minutes later, we arrive at Kyoto Station. The bus drop us near the Hachijo Exit of Kyoto Station. From there we take taxi (590 yen/ RM23.60) to our airbnb apartment. Successfully self check-in around 2.00 a.m. Although we felt very tired, we still walked to the nearby convenience store to get our supper and buy some necessities. After slurping a hot cup noodles, I make my way to bed to rest my exhausted body and mind.

The next morning or I shall say on the same morning, about 11.00 am, I receive a call from Kansai Airport staff saying they have found our luggage and will sent to us at night around 8.00 – 9.00 pm. YOOHOO!!! It’s a relief as we finally have news about our ‘missing’ luggage. Feeling more energetic at that time, we plan at least visit an attraction today. But before that, we want to buy some warmer clothes to change as we have been wearing the same clothes since coming from Malaysia.

Melon bun bought from Lawson (108 yen/ RM4.32)

The weather has not been friendly since the first few days we arrive at Japan. It’s started to rain on our first morning in Kyoto. The average temperature is less than 14 degree celcius. But we still go under the rain equip with umbrella and walk pass Kyoto Station to Aeon Shopping Mall.

No flower blooming due to cold weather
Spring theme decoration overflowing the main entrance to the shopping mall

Before we go to Uniqlo, we get attracted to this stationery shop called ARC and buy few cute things from here.


Bought postcard, Frixion colors pen and sakura decoration card

The price in Japan Uniqlo is almost similar to the price in Malaysia after conversion. However, they have wider range and choices. Uniqlo is a tax free shop for foreigner. To enjoy the free tax, you have to buy at least 5,400 yen with tax included [5,000 + 400 (tax)] in a single receipt. The tax refund in Japan can be done immediately at the cashier counter. As for other tax free shop, tax free items will be seal in plastic bag and can be only open once you leave Japan. But surprisingly in Uniqlo, this rule is not apply. I wonder maybe the rule is not applicable to clothes. ( Pls update me if you know).

After shopping, we left Aeon Mall to have lunch at Yoshinoya which is located opposite the shopping mall. Yoshinoya is a food chain outlet which offer budget meal.

Do ask for English menu from the waiter…………
Free hot tea is served once seated. Free flow of cold green tea is on the table.
Deluxe broiled eel and rice box (Regular set) – 820 yen/ RM32.80

Unlike other fast food chain in Japan where you buy food ticket from the vending machine, in Yoshinoya, you order the food from their waiter and pay once you’re done.

Tidy bicycles lining up in front of Yoshinoya

Right after lunch, we decides to visit Fushimi Inari Taisha. But suddenly I receive a text from my Airbnb host saying that the courier man has contacted him. My host suggests us to collect our luggage from the courier service company. We take taxi to the courier service company bases on the address provided by my host. Coincidentally, the courier service company is located just the opposite road of our apartment. However, they can’t find our luggage due to no tracking number. Too bad, I was to excited this morning till I had forgotten to ask the airport staff about the tracking number. >_<

We give up going anywhere that day. We are putting hope to receive our luggage late evening as promised by the airport staff. Therefore we buy take out food from Sukiya, another cheap and good fast food chain nearby our apartment and wait for our luggage to arrive.

Sukiya take out menu
Clockwise: Rice and pork curry with soft boiled egg (510 yen, Ginger pork bowl with green onion (360 yen) and raw egg & Minced chicken bowl with raw egg (410 yen)
Minced chicken rice with the raw egg!!!

Simple and cheap meal make our dinner for that night.

Finally our luggage arrive at 8.10 pm. I had never be so happy and touch when I saw my luggage sent to our door step. The delivery is very punctual and this even proof that Japanese are very efficient people. I become more positive again after meeting and receiving excellent services from the Japanese. I’m very grateful and highly respected them for their commitment and efficiency. I LOVE YOU JAPAN!!!

Our journey officially start tomorrow. Stay tune!


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